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By Guest11230 - 9/10/2011 Does great work fixing both new and old electronics. Honest and trustworthy, I bring all my audio and video electronics that need repair to Audio-Tronics.

By Guest11230 - 9/10/2011

By Guest09248 - 9/13/2011 Audio-Tronics is the most honest, reasonably priced and reliable repair shop I have ever used. The owner is very personable and his repair work is excellent and completed in a very timely manner. I have had many components repaired here over the years and I will continue to use this shop and would highly recommend Audio-Tronics to anyone who needs any kind of audio/visual repair. You will be completely satisfied.

By Guest09248 - 9/13/2011

By Guest78100 - 9/21/2011 Highly recommended since he knows his electronic repairs. He's prompt and efficient. I have been using his services for years.

By Guest78100 - 9/21/2011

By galvarez76 - 1/23/2012 Sony A-V Receiver -repaired and I was very satisfied. Shop was very reliable, prompt (completed the repair in 2 days) and cost of repair was very reasonable. The technician (Frank) was honest, professional and has good rapport with the customers. Will refer the shop to my friends and I would not hesitate myself to return for future repairs.

By galvarez76 - 1/23/2012

By Guest94454 - 2/23/2012 Recently returned to Audio Tronics with another older VCR that the power supply went out on. Frank repaired it so quickly for a reasonable amount. I will always bring any components that need repair to Frank's shop. He's friendly, cares about repairing your components correctly and stands behind his work 1,000%! He has been able to repair my real old components as well as my newer ones. He's the best!

By Guest94454 - 2/23/2012

By anonymous - 4/29/2012 Did not have $1500 to spend on new equipment....Frank fixed my aging surround tuner/amp and re-installed everything. What a great place/person and price!

By anonymous - 4/29/2012

By anonymous - 10/13/2012 Another wonderful experience with Frank at Audio Tronics. I needed to solder RCA phono plugs to stereo wire to accommodate newer speakers to an older receiver. Frank first educated me on how to do it and what would happen if I didn't do it correctly. He saved my receiver (which he had also repaired two of the four speaker outputs on it earlier) from me damaging it for good and he did the soldering after I tried and couldn't get the hang of it. I couldn't have done the great job that Frank did using such thick wire that I wanted to use. Frank has repaired a lot of my old equipment which has enabled me to enjoy my music without having to spend more money to purchase new equipment. There is no one better than Frank who is also very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround time. Plus, he's a pleasure to deal with personally. You'll never go wrong at Frank's place.

By anonymous - 10/13/2012

By katling - 12/19/2012 What a pleasure to work with this company! Audio-Tronics was the only area service who would even attempt to repair my 1955 Magnavox stereo. Frank scheduled an appointment to come out to my home, serviced the radio on the spot (and it now works great!) and took the record player back to the shop to work on. Three days later he was back to install an almost rebuilt record player. Frank is knowledgeable, professional, and extremely reasonable with his fees. I highly recommend him!

By katling - 12/19/2012

By anonymous - 2/6/2013 I have a 1965 Fender Amp, I bought it in 1967. I started having problems with it.about 6 mounth ago. I was lucky to find Audio- tronics. Frank was cheap,fast and repaired it right. Three things that are hard to find now a days

By anonymous - 2/6/2013

By anonymous - 6/6/2013 I needed my prized vintage Bose 501 speakers repaired. I called and discussed with Frank. He offered probable diagnosis, solution and aprox costs. I met him 1st time, dropped off and continued conversation. 5 days later I am thrilled with my brilliantly repaired speakers. Fair price, pleasure to meet and deal with. You need electronics fixed, this is your guy.

By anonymous - 6/6/2013

By anonymous - 10/26/2013 Brought in my modded Dynaco ST-70 tube amp which I damaged and got it fixed within a week. Super!!!! He found the issue quickly and fixed it right away. I love this amp and to have a local resource that you can trust with vintage equipment is priceless. got the thing running now after brining it home and the service is MORE than just an electronic fix. The sound of this thing is awesome, and that is word that is grossly oversued these days. Signed, Local Audio Nut.

By anonymous - 10/26/2013

By anonymous - 11/2/2013 Frank of Audio-Tronics recently worked on a modification to my power amplifier. Frank's highly skilled professional work and speed of turn around were both exceptional. His integrity is as high as it gets. His bill was very reasonable - especially in the context of the amount of work that he had performed. I would not hesitate using him again!

By anonymous - 11/2/2013

By anonymous - 2/3/2014 I bought second hand vintage Marantz 2252B receiver. It needed some internal work / tune-up. Frank called about two days later and said it was fixed and ready to go. I was amazed at the quick turnaround and VERY reasonable cost ! Thanks Frank !!! HIGHLY RECOMEND Audio-Tronics !

By anonymous - 2/3/2014

By anonymous - 1/24/2015 Frank was a pleasure to deal with. He repaired my Panasonic surround sound system in just a couple of days. My equipment was treated with care [ NO NEW SCRATCHES ] and repair charges were reasonable. I will be recommending him to family and friends. Thanks Frank

By anonymous - 1/24/2015
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